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Safety First!

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Ashland Construction Group Ltd. is COR certified by Infrastructure Health & Safety Association - certification badgeHEALTH & SAFETY POLICY STATEMENT


We place the utmost importance on the health, safety and well-being of our employees and others who may be affected by our work. It is our and everyone at Ashland’s Construction Group’s Ltd.’s commitment and responsibility to achieve and maintain a safe and healthy working environment. It is our commitment to provide a work environment that promotes occupational health and prevent injuries and illnesses.

We have developed a Health & Safety Program to promote workplace safety and control unsafe working conditions. The Health & Safety Program promotes specific health and safety training for all employees, and is designed to monitor the workplace for compliance with legislative requirements and attain best operating practices at all times.


  • Recognizes that it is the right of all workers to work in safe and healthy work environment. 
  • Believes that it is responsible to incorporate proven health and safety principles into all phases of our operations and emphasize these as integral components of prudent business practice. 
  • Understands that the responsibilities for workplace health and safety must extend to all workplace parties (senior management, front line management and workers) on or off the job. 
  • Relevant workplace parties shall refer to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and each section of this manual for additional information on responsibilities. 
  • Recognizes that it is the responsibility of all workplace parties to work in compliance with all applicable legislative, regulatory and company requirements and is committed to ensuring compliance. 
  • Recognizes that accident prevention and quality of working life must continue to be an essential part of our business operations and as such, will empower each individual to actively participate in their health & safety program. 
  • Accepts the concept that the causes of accidents and illnesses can be controlled and the occurrence of personal injuries can be further reduced and is therefore committed to the prevention of occupational illness and injury in the workplace. 
  • Will continue to support the efforts of the worker health and safety representatives. 
  • While complying with Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act and Environmental Protection Act and all applicable regulations, accepts these statutes as minimum standards. 
  • Recognizes that it is the responsibility of all workplace parties to work in accordance with the practices and procedures set forth in the health and safety program, in addition to the applicable legislative requirements. 
  • Recognizes that it is the responsibility of all workers to report all hazards, unsafe acts, and unsafe conditions. 
  • Recognizes the responsibility of all supervisors to ensure that safe and healthy work conditions are maintained. 
  • As outlined in our early safe return to work program, will endeavor to offer modified work to those employees who have sustained injury or illness with a view to facilitate their rehabilitation and to safely return them to their pre-injury job function as soon as they are capable.
  • The health and safety policy will be reviewed with all employees during initial and annual orientations to ensure understanding and acknowledgement.
  • All documentation will be reviewed and approved by senior management prior to use, subject to re-reviews, updates, issuance and reapproval, as needed.

We are committed to reviewing our occupational health and safety performance, program, and objectives at least annually. Ashland will ensure goals and objectives are outlined within our Continuous Improvement Plan which will be communicated to all relevant workplace parties as it requires their continued participation in our HSMS. 

Our organization’s success depends on our reputation to provide a quality product and service in a safe and timely manner. Health and safety must be incorporated into all facets of our operations. Senior Management is committed to work in spirit of consultation and co-operation with workers through open lines of communication, objective discussions and cooperation between workers, site superintendents, management, the Worker Health and Safety Representative and other outside parties, our objectives of a workplace free of hazards, injury and illness can and will be achieved.

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